Community Outreach

Aside from our main operations, Bornion Timber is also committed to improving the well-being and livelihood of surrounding villages of FMU 11. As the natives of the land, their livelihood and customs must be acknowledged and upheld, thus making it the company’s social responsibility to care for them.

Community 1

Therefore, Bornion Timber has established a dedicated department compromising of natives from the area to engage with the local communities and to serve as a platform of communications for the local communities and the company. They are also responsible for conducting activities such as the recruitment of local communities, identifying and monitoring of significant cultural sites and areas of community needs within the FMU and various community based programs.

Community Learning Assistance Program (CLAP)

Community Learning Assistance Program (CLAP) was introduced with the purpose of providing means for local communities to educate and develop new skills. Education has always been a prime emphasis for our company and has provided education incentives to high achieving students from nearby local schools.


Bamboo Handicraft Project

Bamboo Weaving Handicraft Project was introduced in 2018 by initially engaging with Kraftangan Batu Lunguyan who has been successfully practicing the art of bamboo weaving to act as instructors. A total of four villages were participated in the program whereby participants were taught the selection process of bamboo species, dying techniques, and weaving process.

Durian Planting

In 2019, the durian budding program was introduced by Bornion Timber to promote durian budding techniques to local communities. Interested participants would begin by preparing durian seedlings in their local villages and Bornion Timber would provide buds of commercial durians and provide grafting techniques to the community.

Activities Among The Community

  • Bamboo Handicrafts
  • Rubber Trees Tapping
  • Tagal
  • Systematic Farming
  • Bee Farming

The long-term community support and development programme adopts a strategy to

  • improve the social and economic environment of the local communities;
  • raise the level of skills and technologies used by local communities (especially the youths);
  • provide the local communities with a standard of living and lifestyle comparable to more developed villages in Central Sabah;
  • change people’s mind set from basic subsistence farming to more environmentally friendly, productive and profitable agricultural activities
  • Direct community assistance projects supported by the company include road infrastructure development, social and physical infrastructure, Agro-Forestry, and rubber cultivation.

Continuous dialogues with the communities shall be held especially pertaining to

  • strengthen community cohesion and good neighbourhood,
  • increasing efforts to protect natural forest encroachment,
  • strengthening community interest and participation in community project development and implementation
  • setup and operation of the Milian Sapulut Community Forestry Committee (MSCFC) for permanent community liaison, project identification, coordination and implementation monitoring