Natural Forest

Management History

In September 1997, Bornion Timber Sdn Bhd (BTSB) and the State Government of Sabah signed the Sustainable Forest Management License Agreement 03/97 (SFMLA 03/97). The licenced area initially comprised an area of approximately 108,993 ha, consisting of the Ulu Sg. Milian Forest Reserve (BLOCK A – 77,733 ha) and part of the Sapulut Forest Reserve (BLOCK B – 31,260 ha). Within the administrative subdivision of the Sabah’s forests the area is also referred to as Forest Management Unit No. 11.

During the period of the First 10–Year Forest Management Plan (2002 – 2011) the whole Licenced Area had been managed by BTSB.

In the 2nd Forest Management Plan (2012 – 2021), however, the Licenced Area has been reduced to a total gross area of approximately 98,985 ha, due to the excision of 10,008 ha within BLOCK A by the State Government for the purpose of development by a different management entity.

Locality Map
General Locality Map of FMU 11

Geographical Location

116° 15′ E to 116° 50′ E longitude to
4° 40′ N and 5° 30′ N latitude

Gross Area Size

Gross area size: 41,878.7 ha
(Part of FMU No. 11)

Scope of Forest Management Plan

FMU No. 11 has been split into two separate Sub-Management Units, for the purpose of forest management certification assessment and management as separate entities under Natural Forest and Forest Plantation regime respectively. The Natural Forest Management Unit comprises a gross area of 41,878.7 ha or about 41% of the Licenced (FMU) Area, whereas the Forest Plantation Management Unit covers a gross area of 57,105.9 ha or about 59% of the FMU area.

A summary of the subdivision of the FMU is given in the Table below.

Management TypeGross Area (Ha)Sub-Unit (%)FMU area (%)
Natural Forest Sub-Management Unit
Total Sub-Unit:41,878.7100.0040.99
Forest Plantation Sub-Management
Community Forestry1,876.603.29
Total Sub-Unit57,105.9100.0059.01
Total FMU:98,984.6100.00

Due to the design of the FMU boundaries both natural and plantation forest areas are further subdivided into

  1. PART A in the Northern part of the Licenced Area, within Milian Forest Reserve, and
  2. PART B in the Southern part of the Licenced Area, within parts of Sapulut Forest Reserve

This FMP only covers the Natural Forest Management area, whereas the Forest Plantation Management Unit is regulated by a separate plan.